Wednesday 16 November 2022

Slovakia to Canada to Study and Tour

 Slovakia to Canada to Study and Tour

Map of Bratislava, Tmava, Nitra, Trecin, Martin, Kosce, Zilena, Banska, Presov, Komamo, Slovakia

Slovakia - Canada Information Links

The Office of Canadian Embassy in Bratislava, Slovakia

Carlton Courtyard & Savoy Buildings
Mostova 2
811 02 Bratislava
Tel.: (+421 2) 59204031 Fax: (+421 2) 54434227

Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Canada
50 Rideau Terrace
Ottawa, Ontario, K1M 2A1,
Canada Telephone (613) 749-4442 (24h)
Fax (613) 749-4989

How can I come to Canada as a visitor, worker or student?

Citizenship and Immigration Canada has created an online tool called Come to Canada.

This CIC tool will help you figure out whether you can come to Canada as an immigrant, visitor, worker or student.

This CIC tool will help you understand the requirements for immigrating to, visiting, studying in or working in Canada.

This CIC tool guides you through some questions and based on your responses and your situation and provides a list of options and step-by-step instructions on how to apply.

For additional Citizenship and Immigration Canada information use this link

Study Work Live Retire in Canada

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